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Empowering ambitious founders and VC’s

For over 20 years we have been empowering people to execute on their dreams and ambitions. We do this by investing directly in companies or in VC and PE funds. Next to this we support initiatives with similar goals and values as ours.

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Direct Investments

We invest in the brightest (pre)seed-stage B2B SaaS companies across (Eastern) Europe and (North) America. Our goal? To accelerate the growth of innovative businesses that are redefining industries and creating future market leaders.

Fund investments

Through our direct investments we have done investments together with many other VC's. That inspired us to support several funds as LP. Our fund investments are a mix of VC and PE funds in the same geo as our direct investments.


Next to our investment strategy we are also involved in several global and regional projects which are aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship and early stage investments. We usually partner with (local) companies, governments, universities and institutes like EU, US aid and many others.

Start-up Visa

You can contact our partner uGlobally for more information here.

Contact us

We're always eager to hear about new ideas. If you're a startup founder seeking investment or general partner with a new fund, please reach out to us. Let's explore how we can help accelerate your journey.